Pigs - Because They're Worth It

by 5m Editor
25 February 2011, at 10:11am

UK - Pig farmers are urging consumers to look for the Red Tractor logo and to make sure they put high welfare British pork on their fork.

And with the help of the National Pig Association they are making sure their messages are unmissable.

More than 250 15’ by 4ft banners have gone up in fields alongside major roads, stressing the twin problems facing the industry – rocketing feed costs and low returns from supermarket.

In the video below, Yorkshire farmer Anna Longthorp explains what the Pigs Are Still Worth It campaign is all about.

The campaign steps up a gear on 3 March with a rally opposite Downing Street to highlight industry issues to MPs and the public. Star attraction there will be a 12-foot wooden sausage.

MPs will be invited to meet their pig-farming constituents and to ‘Sign Our Sausage’, and shoppers and celebrities will be getting in on the act too.

NPA general manager Barney Kay said: "British pig farmers are world leaders in high animal welfare production methods. If they are forced to quit the industry as a result of low prices, shoppers will be stuck with lower-welfare imported pork, sausages, bacon and ham.

"The situation is, if anything, worse than in 2008 as feed prices look set to stay high for the foreseeable future. Most farmers are currently losing around 320 per pig produced and many face the prospect of going out of business. We are calling on supermarkets and processors to pass a fair price back down the chain. And we’re asking consumers to show their support by continuing to buy high welfare, Red Tractor products.“

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