US, Ukraine Sign Health Protocol for Swine Semen

by 5m Editor
1 February 2011, at 10:00am

GLOBAL - After a long negotiation process the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service of USDA with facilitation of the Foreign Agricultural Service Office in Kyiv signed a bilateral health protocol for swine semen.

The original of the certificate was delivered to the State Veterinary and Phytosanitary Service of the Ministry of Agricultural Policy and Food of Ukraine on 6 January 2011. The next day the document was published on the official website of the Veterinary Service. The text of the document can be accessed here Veterinary Health Certificate for Export of Porcine Semen from the United States of America to Ukraine.

This market is fairly new for US exports, although limited exports conducted under a system of individual permits were shipped to Ukraine throughout 2009-10. The swine industry in Ukraine is on the rise. Production growth in 2011 may exceed 10 per cent. The swine semen market of Ukraine is divided mainly among French, Danish, and British suppliers. To succeed US exporters would have to offer swine semen, pedigree software and technical support. In conversations with the FAS specialist Ukraine’s swine industry representatives have expressed their interest in US product.

It is difficult to estimate the potential of the totally new market. Judging from the existing market and similar markets (the market for US bovine semen) it is possible to suggest that in 2011 the market for US product will be between $200,000 and $500,000 with gradual growth to $3 - $6 million in the near future.