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Manure Management Assistance Programme

by 5m Editor
1 March 2011, at 8:00am

CANADA - Manitoba Pork Producers are applauding a new federal provincial programme designed to help them comply with new provincial environmental regulations due to kick in in November 2013, writes Bruce Cochrane.

Last week federal agriculture minister Gerry Ritz and Manitoba agriculture minister Stan Struthers announced a 26.3 million dollar programme to assist producers with the cost of building or repairing manure storage structures and adopting manure treatment systems that will help protect water.

Manitoba Pork Council vice-chair Rick Bergmann says, with the 2013 ban on winter manure spreading looming in Manitoba, last week's announcement will be a great benefit.

Rick Bergmann-Manitoba Pork Council

Anytime you have 26 million bucks in a pot that's a big pile of money.

It should go an awful long way to address some of the concerns out there.

There's going to be a percentage of funds that the producer I understand will have to come up with but a good majority of it will be available through this programme.

Anytime federal and provincial governments get together and bring moneys to grassroots producers like the hog farmers in Manitoba it's a good day and we really applaud them for walking along side us and coming with this programme.

The Manitoba pork industry brings 750 million dollars worth of value to our province on an annual basis.

Again, by having this tool, utilizing this program that was announced last week, that will just keep Manitoba farms going and it'll keep them strong and that way consumers here in the province of Manitoba can be quite pleased that they'll be able to continue to have a good amount of Manitoba grown pork to consume.

Mr Bergmann says the announcement suggests government, both federal and provincial, recognize the value the pork industry brings to the province and the country and they want to ensure that does not erode and can be built on.