Pork Production Still Below Domestic Demand

by 5m Editor
25 March 2011, at 9:28am

SWAZILAND - Despite the ministry of agriculture’s efforts to work with farmers so as to produce more piglets to meet the country’s demand for pork, there was still a shortfall of about 1 713 metric tonnes last year.

Minister of Agriculture Clement Dlamini attributed the shortfall to the lack of piglets and few farmers in pork production. He said farmers would need more piglets so that pork production in the country meets the required demand.

Mr Dlamini noted that capacity building at Mpisi Farm, as regards training on pig rearing or farming was not enough.

According to Swazi Observer, he said some piglets were sourced from South Africa to try and counteract the shortfall in the country.

“Some farmers do raise pigs in the country but are dissatisfied with the prices offered by Simunye Pork. Pork production is facing a challenge and as a result, the pork that is produced locally is not enough for consumption in the country hence the prices are not comfortable to consumers,“ he said.

Mr Dlamini said the ministry was also working with the Piggery Association in Manzini on capacity building of pig farmers. He said the association supplied Swaziland Meat Market and Shamrock butchery with pork on a regular basis.

The minister noted that the pork market in the country was open, urging people to utilise the numerous poverty eradication funds to seize such an opportunity.

He said the country imports 1 713 metric tonnes of pork per year while only 444 metric tonnes were produced locally.

“We will strive to capacitate all farmers interested in venturing in pig farming so that local demand is met. The ministry will work extra hard so that our farmers start exporting pork and generate income,“ he said.