British Pig Industry Does Have a Future

by 5m Editor
1 April 2011, at 11:32am

UK - Demand for pig meat globally is set to grow in the coming years and the UK is well-placed to take advantage if it.

The outlook globally and from both a European and UK perspective is laid out in a new publication from BPEX written by senior analyst James Park of the Market Intelligence section.

In it, he points out opportunities exist for the EU to export to third countries such as Russia and the Far East.

On the domestic market, demand for pig meat has increased of late and looking at slaughterings, there are expectations for numbers to tighten considerably.

BPEX head of Supply Chain Development Andrew Knowles said: “There is a great deal of potential for exports outside the EU and the UK can take advantage of that.

“We have a very good reputation on the international scene in terms of the quality of our product and Britain is still an important player in selling breeding stock across the globe.“

Further Reading

- You can download the report, Market Tends and Outlook, by clicking here.