Tianli Agritech Begins Selling Its Branded Pork

by 5m Editor
8 April 2011, at 9:01am

CHINA - Producer of breeder hogs and market hogs based in Wuhan City, China, Tianli Agritech has entered into an agreement with An Puluo Foods, which allows Tianli to manage fresh pork retail counters located in 32 supermarkets in Greater Wuhan.

This exclusive agreement entails minimal upfront investment by Tianli.

"After several months of market research and trials with An Puluo Foods, we are pleased to announce we are entering the retail branded pork market. With minimal capital commitment, we will gain immediate control of established counters in 32 supermarkets in Greater Wuhan," said Tianli's Chairwoman and CEO, Hanying Li.

"With Chinese consumers becoming more selective as to the quality and safety of the meat they buy, we see a tremendous opportunity to introduce healthy pork products.

"Partnering with a recognised and trusted company like An Puluo provides instant credibility and immediate access to consumers."

The Company's agreement with An Puluo Food Corporation Ltd. gives Tianli the exclusive use rights for An Puluo's existing marketing channels and new channels established in the future that allows Tianli to sell Tianli-An Puluo™ - branded pork.

An Puluo currently has 32 meat counters in Greater Wuhan in supermarkets such as Wal-Mart, Zon100 and RT-Mart.