Malaysia Keen on Philippine Pork Products

by 5m Editor
4 May 2011, at 9:57am

PHILIPPINES - A Malaysian firm wants to import pork products from the Philippines after discussions for a similar arrangement with Singapore fell through, according to the Department of Agriculture (DA).

In a media briefing, Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala said they are in talks with a Malaysian group, citing the growing demand for meat products from tourists visiting the Muslim country.

“We have just started negotiations last week, and they want us to export at least 1,000 heads per week,“ Mr Alcala said.

According to The Manila, he said they expect to complete the deal within the next two months, adding that they are finalizing the necessary requirements, including the port of origin, for the export of the commodity.

“There is a good chance that it will be coming from Luzon, since it will not be economical if we would put the port in Mindanao,“ he said.

Mr Alcala said Malaysia is in need of more pork products because of the increase in the number of foreign tourists in the country.

He said negotiations with Singapore halted, adding that the government would rather pursue a more willing customer like Malaysia.

Besides Malaysia, the government is looking at South Korea, which is suffering from a foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) outbreak, and where pork production is expected to decline by 760,000 metric tons this year. The Philippines expects a favorable decision from the World Organization for Animal Health or the Office International des Epizooties for the country to be declared free from the deadly FMD.

No case of FMD has been reported in the country since the last recorded outbreak on 28 December 2005.

Mr Alcala said this declaration, which is expected this month, will boost the Philippines’ chances of gaining a foothold in the global meat market, particularly pork and poultry meat products.

Besides pork, the government is also in talks with Japanese firms for the supply of Peking duck, Mr Alcala said, citing their preference for the lesser fat content of Philippine ducks.

He said the DA is now pushing for all Chinese restaurants in the country to patronize locally produced Peking ducks, adding that the supply could meet both local and foreign demand.