Protests Continue over Pig Farm Plans

by 5m Editor
20 May 2011, at 10:27am

UK - Animal rights group Viva staged a protest outside the proposed site for a large-scale pig farm in Derbyshire this week.

The protestors are campaigning against the plans that they say "would imprison sows that would never go outside".

The farm at Foston in Derbyshire would house up to 25,000 animals.

The proposal has ben put forward by Midland Pig Producers and although the consultation period has closed, Derbyshire County Council has said it will still take comments.

More than 2,000 objections to the farm have already been received.

The company putting forward the plans for the unit that is hoped to be started next year if planning permission is granted, said the slurry created on the farm will be used to generate electricity for the national grid.

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