ASIC to File Lawsuit in Czech Republic

by 5m Editor
20 June 2011, at 10:48am

CZECH REPUBLIC - Absolute Swine Insemination Co., LLC (ASIC) has announced it is preparing a Patent Infringement law suit against HEMA Malšice s.r.o., a.k.a. Jarka Helclová and Ivan P. Helcl, Karla Tomáška 194, CZ-391 75 Malšice of the Czech Republic.

ASIC claims that HEMA Malšice has been selling an alleged pirated version of its patented AMG Series™ artificial insemination catheters under the name V.I.P., in both Germany and the Czech Republic.

ASIC has a European patent (publication no. EP 1 494 524) validated in both countries, as well as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom in the EU.

ASIC, which has more than 30 International Countries protected by Intellectual Property Laws (with five core issued patents in the US, one to issue on 5 July, and other core US patents pending) has requested both Hema and the company's attorney to provide an explanation of their action, which it claims is disregarding ASIC’s European patent; by building copy product.

ASIC says that all requests and deadlines have passed, without evidence being provided.

ASIC has also warned buyers to beware that users of copy products that infringe on Intellectual Property could also be as guilty as the importers, sellers, or manufacturers of potentially pirated products.

ASIC, which is based in the United States, has been selling its patented AMG Series™ of catheters for eight years and says it has never been denied a patent in any PCT country it has applied in.

An ASIC spokesman said that ASIC will protect its Intellectual Property Rights to the fullest extent of the law.

The spokesman added that there has been no comment from HEMA Malšice in the Czech Republic, which it claims continues to defy patent laws and offer their V.I.P. line of catheters in the Czech Republic and Germany.

ASIC said it will seek maximum allowable damages.