Scots Back BPEX ‘Pigs Are Still Worth It’ Campaign

by 5m Editor
17 June 2011, at 9:01am

SCOTLAND, UK - NFU Scotland has warmly welcomed a fantastic new recipe booklet, 'Choose It and Use It' that features celebrity chefs encouraging consumers to see the versatility in cooking with British pork.

The booklet is part of the 'Pigs are Still Worth It' campaign, a follow-up to the 2007/2008 'Pigs are Worth It' campaign, and is designed to encourage consumers to back British pig farmers who have once again been struggling to cope with rocketing feed prices and poor returns.

The campaign features a number of high profile celebrity chefs including Phil Vickery, Aldo Zilli, Jamie Oliver and Scotland's own Nick Nairn, who have all given their backing to the high welfare and high quality of British produced pork.

Philip Sleigh, NFU Scotland Pigs Committee Chairman said: "Any initiative that helps promote the fantastic quality of British pig meat is welcomed by pig farmers. The 'Choose It and Use It' booklet includes some fantastic recipes and will hopefully encourage consumers to choose home-produced pork, bacon, ham or sausages when out doing their weekly shop.

"We would encourage all consumers to check the label to ensure that the pig meat products they buy are British in origin to ensure they are up to the high quality and high welfare standards set by British pig farmers.

"This recipe book is the next step in the ongoing campaign highlighting to politicians, retailers and the public that rocketing costs and poor prices are putting the nation's pig farmers under severe pressure. It is a campaign that has seen banners erected on Scottish roadsides and seen Scottish pig farmers support a national rally outside Downing Street.

"The backing of the public and celebrities has been fantastic and we continue to encourage everyone to put more British pork on their fork."