WPX 2011: Checkoff Announces New Promotional Funds

by 5m Editor
8 June 2011, at 6:22pm

US - Pork Checkoff has announced additional funding of $5 million to take the current pig meat industry advertising campaign through into the autumn.

The Pork Be Inspired campaign that was launched in March this year has to date been a public and media success Chris Novak from the Pork Checkoff said at World Pork Expo.

The additional money that will be added to the initial $11 million put into the advertising campaign will help to pay for television advertising in September and also to integrate the new announcement about lower cooking temperatures for pork into the programme.

Mr Novak said the announcement that pork could be cooked at 145 degrees for a juicier, more tender product was add8ing value to pig meat products.

The new president of the Pork Checkoff, Everett Forkner also announced at World Pork Expo that the Pork Checkoff would be releasing a further $1.2 million for export marketing efforts particularly to markets in Japan, South Korea and Mexico.

There will also be another $265,000 for an education programme on the new pork cooking temperatures.

He said the Pork Checkoff will be continuing to take a strategic view on issues and will be looking at the concerns over feed costs in the coming year.

The Checkoff will also be concentrating effort on export programmes and funding US farmers and ranchers to form an alliance to enhance their image to consumers.

He added that the Checkoff will also be promoting the industry's competitive advantage of being the safest and lowest cost producer of pork.