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WPX 2011: Concerns Raised over Water Quality Restrictions

by 5m Editor
8 June 2011, at 6:15pm

US - The US pig industry is to fight unwarranted attempts by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and environmental lobbyists to force unfair restrictions on producers over water quality regulations and manure management.

Michael Formica from the National Pork Producers Council speaking at World Pork Expo said that there had been fears that efforts from environmentalists would force pig producers to gain permits for clean water.

He said that while it was still illegal to discharge pollutants into water courses, the EPA was trying to take strong action.

He said there were concerns that the EPA was trying to build a data base of producers with details of the actions they take in particular over discharges and water quality.

However, now, he said, the EPA has delayed any decision on a database until October and is reviewing the situation with any announcement not expected until July next year.

Major concerns have been raised in the industry that stringent moves in the EPA to improve water quality in Chesapeake Bay area - which is not a pig producing a region - could be copied into action for the Mississippi basin.

The industry has become concerned that strict nutrient levels that have been implemented in Chesapeake Bay could be imposed in the Mississippi area hitting pig producers.