Farmers, Chefs and Butchers Unite at Red Meat Event

by 5m Editor
5 July 2011, at 9:33am

SCOTLAND, UK - The enthusiasm of the different sectors of the Scottish red meat chain to work together to better understand each link in the chain was very clear at an event in Morayshire on Sunday, 3 July.

Participants at the red meat event held in Elgin
[Pic: Quality Meat Scotland]

More than fifty farmers, butchers and local chefs gathered at Rhinds of Elgin to hear about opportunities to maximise value in the red meat supply chain.

The event, organised by Quality Meat Scotland, SAOS and Rhinds of Elgin, was run as part of the C2 Cultivating Collaboration initiative. SAOS is a co-funder of the C2 project which aims to encourage collaboration and understanding within the food chain.

Raymond Wight, General Manager of Rhinds of Elgin, said the event was a huge success.

"The event brought butchers, farmers and chefs together and what shone through was the clear desire by all those represented to have a better understanding of what happens in the parts of the chain they are not involved in.

"Getting everyone together in one place triggered a great deal of constructive debate and discussion and the result was a better understanding all round which can only be good for the quality of our product and the profitability of our industry."

Top butcher Jonathan Honeyman, who is based in Aberfoyle, demonstrated the traditional butcher’s craft to the assembled group from the north-east. He also focused on informing the group about how to make the most of the more unusual and innovative cuts of beef, lamb and pork.

Margaret Stewart, Quality Meat Scotland Marketing Manager, said she was delighted with the level of interest generated by the event.