Hampshire Boar Wins Pig of the Year

by 5m Editor
15 July 2011, at 9:03am

UK - Day two of the Great Yorkshire Show saw a Hampshire boar winning the prestigious British Pig Association's Pig of the Year Award 2011, writes Lucy Towers, ThePigSite Newsdesk Assistant.

The Pig of The Year award went to 10-month-old Hampshire boar, Burma Golden Eagle 3.

The award represents the Best of the Best. All boars in the final had qualified from regional shows across the country. The winning boar had qualified from the Lincolnshire heat.

Shocked owner, Ms Sue Hutson said she was thrilled to win the award. After 30 years of competing, she has often made the final four but this was her first win.

Sadly, Ms Hutson sold Burma Golden Eagle 3 shortly before attending the Great Yorkshire Show.

A British Saddleback, a traditional breed similar in size and markings to the Hampshire, took the place of reserved champion.

Pig of the Year, Burma Golden Eagle 3, with his breeder, Ms Hutson (right)