New Video Reveals Cruelty to Pigs in US

by 5m Editor
4 July 2011, at 8:25am

UK - Compassion in World Farming (CIWF), the leading international farm animal welfare charity, applauds Mercy for Animals for its recent undercover investigation into pig farming in the US state of Iowa.

The investigation, exposing shocking cruelty to pigs and piglets, comes at a time when some US states are considering a bill that will make it illegal for campaigners to shoot films or take photographs of farms undercover, says CIWF. Campaigners are contesting the bill on the grounds that it is an infringement on the country’s First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which includes freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

The investigative footage gives an insight into one of North America's largest pork producers between April and June 2011. The video shows farm workers throwing piglets across the room. Conscious piglets scream in agony whilst having their tails cut as well as having their testicles ripped out without painkillers. There is clear evidence of sick and injured pigs and piglets being left untended, which is likely to have led to a slow and painful death for some of these pigs. For those with a strong constitution, the video can be watched on Mercy for Animals' web site.

Pigs are highly intelligent creatures which feel pain and suffer. Not only are the pigs shown in this video exposed to severe pain and suffering, but they are also being denied their basic needs and the right to act out their natural behaviours such as rooting and foraging for food.

CIWF's investigation team works hard to uncover and expose illegal and cruel farming practices that cause suffering to farm animals. Compassion's own investigations into pig farms across Europe captured images of animals huddled on barren, slatted floors and illegal routine tail docking, and it is using this film to lobby for better enforcement of EU law on pig welfare.

Many consumers are unaware of the welfare issues surrounding factory farming when purchasing meat, eggs or dairy products. Compassion works with farmers and the food industry on how to ensure a higher level of welfare for farm animals.

You can watch the film [click here], write to decision- makers and support Mercy for Animals and Compassion in World Farming’s ongoing work to prevent the unnecessary suffering of animals.

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