Swine Breeders Protest Against Price Control

by 5m Editor
21 July 2011, at 9:41am

THAILAND - Swine breeders in Nakhon Ratchasima have voiced their complaints over the government's control on pork prices, against higher operating costs.

According to The Nation, Vorapoj Satchawatana, president of the provincial swine breeders association, said that pork price is now capped at Bt70 per kilo, against the cost of Bt75-Bt80.

He noted that the cost increased 22-25 per cent from last year, due to changing weather condition as well as diseases. Swine breeders now are forced to cut losses by selling pigs with average weight of 95-100 kilo, against 105 kilo in normal circumstances.

"That excludes the transportation cost. Swine breeders' transportation does not change, though shipment size gets smallers. We plead that the new government will look into the problem, as we were disappointed by the previous government that resorted to price control without considering farmers' survival," he said.