Cargill Launches SafetySense

by 5m Editor
11 August 2011, at 5:39am

CANADA – Meat processing and agribusiness company Cargill has launched a new programme designed to help farm managers develop their own unique safety programme.

SafetySense, a health and safety system developed by the Canadian Agriculture Safety Association and distributed by Cargill, is geared towards Canadian crop farmer,s who have employees and may also have multiple enterprises such as cattle, processing, trucking and manufacturing as part of the farm business.

“Farming operations offer many potential hazards: heavy equipment, powerful machinery, large vehicles, dangerous chemicals and a workshop full of tools, just to name a few. Through our new SafetySense™ product, we will provide farm managers with information and processes they need to become more effective in implementing procedures that will enhance productivity, prevent injury and make their farm a safe place to work,” said Neil Sabourin, National Manager, Cargill Farm Management Services.

Cargill advisors will guide their customers through comprehensive step-by-step processes that will assist them in assessing all safety aspects of their farming operations.