Danish Pork Production Remains Strong

by 5m Editor
22 August 2011, at 8:48am

DENMARK - The nation’s pork producers noted improved results in 2010, according to a new report issued by the Danish Agriculture & Food Council. However, the future still holds significant challenges for the sector, the report said.

According to the new figures, the average operating profit of a Danish pork farmer was DKK 124,000 in 2010. However, the best-performing 25 per cent could boast a bottom line over DKK one million higher than the average.

Børsen reports that the council, which represents businesses, trade and farmers’ associations, added that higher food prices have yet to be fully reflected in pork prices price, giving an impression of poorer average performances.

However, the rising price of feed could put pressure on future performance in the sector, the report added.

Agriculture and food are Denmark’s largest industry grouping, employing some 150,000 people and exporting agricultural products, food and equipment with an annual value of around DKK 110 billion.