Mixed Reaction to Higher Pig Levy

by 5m Editor
9 August 2011, at 9:17am

SOUTH AUSTRALIA - Mixed reactions are being received to the news of a proposed increase in pig levy.

A Riverland pork producer says he has mixed feelings about a proposal to increase the Pig Industry Slaughter Levy, reports ABC.

Australian Pork Limited is hoping to increase the levy by 90 cents over the next five years, the first increase since 1994.

Mark McLean from Taylorville says while no-one likes increased fees, a boost for marketing would benefit the industry.

He said: "It's vital that we maintain a presence and try and increase our market share and the consumption of fresh pork. We provide a great product in Australia and we need to encourage consumers to take that on and enjoy the local product wherever possible."

The industry is seeking feedback from producers at meetings to be held at Murray Bridge next Monday and at Roseworthy next Tuesday.

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