New Procedure for Pig Meat Exports to China

UK - Following the agreement secured by Defra and BPEX with the Chinese authorities to allow exports of UK meat to China, processors (Food Business Operators) which have secured approval for individual abattoirs, will be writing to producers who supply them to alert them as to what they will need to do to prove that their pigs are eligible.
calendar icon 15 August 2011
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Any producer sending finished pigs (not sows) to slaughter at an approved abattoir will need to firstly provide a declaration to the FBO form (Annex A) signed by their vet to confirm freedom from specific diseases. A second declaration (Annex B), signed by the producer, will then have to be sent with every consignment of pigs.

To begin with, these forms will need to be provided in a paper format until the process is bedded in. It is hoped that these forms will become electronic at some point in the future.

  1. The farm's vet will need to complete an Annex A form. This can be done at the quarterly vet visit or during any visit to the farm. This form confirms that to the best of their knowledge, the pigs have been free various diseases over specified time periods (as listed below point 2). Producers may take as many copies of this form as theylike to send to multiple FBOs, if necessary, depending on where their pigs are sent. FBOs are likely to request the Annex A form in advance so that they can plan their kill schedule. The onus will be on the producer to inform the FBO if there is any change to the pigs health status (with respect to the specified diseases) before the pigs are sent to the abattoir.
  2. Once the Annex A form is signed, the next time the producers sends finished pigs to the abattoir, an Annex B form must be completed, signed and sent with the pigs. (The producer should keep a copy.) This is the producer's declaration about the health of the pigs sent and includes the following statements:
    • The pigs from the premises above were born and reared in the United Kingdom
    • A veterinary declaration of freedom from the diseases specified in paragraph below as required for the herd(s) of origin for the export of pig meat to China has been provided in the previous three months
    • The farm(s) from which the pigs were derived are not situated in an area subject to official restrictions due to a notifiable disease to which pigs are susceptible according to European Animal Health Regulations
    • There has been no clinical occurrence of the following diseases on the farm within the time-scales specified below:
      • Anthrax (Bacillus anthracis infection) or tuberculosis (Mycobacterium bovis infection) in the previous six months
      • Classical swine fever or Aujeszky's disease in the previous 12 months:
      • Porcine brucellosis in the previous three years
      • Progressive atrophic rhinitis (toxigenic Pasteurella multocida infection) or trichinellosis (Trichinella species infection) in the previous six months
      • Porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) in the previous six months.
  3. Should the vet not feel confident about signing the Annex A for a particular reason (such as they are unable to confirm that the pigs were born and bred in the UK), the vet may also ask the producer to complete and sign an Annex C, which effectively passes the responsibility from the vet to the producer over the status of the pigs on your farm. This is NOT a mandatory requirement, however, and can be completed retrospectively.

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