New Rules on Slatted Floors from 2013

by 5m Editor
16 August 2011, at 10:31am

DENMARK - With fully slatted floors banned from July 2015, interim measures will be introduced in January 2013, when producers who want to continue with their existing fully slatted floors will need to make a number of changes.

It is going to be a legislative requirement for all Danish grower accommodation and not just for their assurance scheme. Fully slatted floors in accommodation post-weaning are already banned in Sweden and Holland.

In Denmark, it has been illegal to build new accommodation with fully slatted accommodation since 2000. All new buildings must have at least half-solid floor for weaners and one-third-solid floors for finishers. The 2013 changes are aimed at buildings pre-2000 in preparation for the 2015 total ban.

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