Profitable Pork Prices in Manitoba and Saskatchewan

by 5m Editor
24 August 2011, at 8:35am

CANADA - After years of struggling to stay financially afloat, hog producers are enjoying a summer of high prices.

The HAMS Marketing Group price range in Saskatchewan and Manitoba is $172 to $182 per hundred kilograms.

Lower than expected North American pork production - combined with strong exports to Asia - are resulting in a very buoyant market.

Dr Ron Plain is an agricultural economics professor with the University of Missouri.

Dr Plain said, "We are seeing very strong demand coming out of South Korea, in part because they are battling foot and mouth diseas and been forced to reduce the size of their swine herd. There are also prospects of very strong shipments to China, which is also coming in a little bit short on production compared to their targets."

US consumers have also developed a taste for bacon, which is also supporting pork prices south of the border.