US Vets Study Antibiotic Use in Denmark

by 5m Editor
26 August 2011, at 12:12pm

DENMARK & US - Two American veterinarians have been visiting Denmark this week to learn more about the use of antibiotics in agriculture.

They expressed surprise about the intense debate on this issue when consumption is so low.

In the United States, Denmark is often cited as a pioneer when it comes to antibiotics. Dr Christine Hoang, Assistant Director of the American Veterinary Medical Association and Dr Joni Sheftel from Minnesota State Public Health Veterinarians were in Denmark this week to gain new knowledge on the management and use of antibiotics in Danish agriculture.

Dr Hoang commented: "In the United States, we look very much how you do things here in Denmark, and especially your way to monitor and collect data. We will focus on this during our visit."

She added that the DANMAP report is read with interest each year but it is not always enough just to read. She said she was pleased to be able to visit pig farms to see how the situation is actually managed in Denmark.

She said: "It's been interesting to learn about Danish pig in practice because Denmark is the country with the most accurate data and a very low consumption of antibiotics. Therefore I am surprised actually by the heated debate in your media on antibiotic resistance and pigs."

During their visit, Drs Hoang and Sheftel met representatives from DTU, National Food Agency, Veterinary Medical Industry, Agriculture & Food, Pig Research Centre and two pig farms.

5m Editor