APL Roadshow Sells the Pork Levy

by 5m Editor
19 September 2011, at 9:19am

AUSTRALIA - Australian Pork Limited (APL) says it's done all it can to convince its producers a levy increase is in their best interests.

Last week the industry peak body finished a roadshow of the country's pork farming regions, ahead of next month's vote on the levy rise.

ABC reports that APL is proposing to increase its marketing levy by 90 cents over the next five years.

CEO Andrew Spencer says if the levy isn't passed, the industry will see fewer campaigns to increase pork consumption.

"Over time, if we don't get a levy increase and if we want to keep that same exposure on television, we'll have to drop away some of the other campaigns that are taking up resources," he said.

"Such as the Porkfest, the Pork Star for the food services industry and the Pork Mark for the Australian ham and bacon."

Australian Pork Limited will announce the results of the levy vote at its annual general meeting in October.