Conference Seeks Answers to Pig Health Challenges

by 5m Editor
19 September 2011, at 9:45am

UK - Tackling the physical and financial cost of pig disease is the focus of this autumn’s Two-Tonne Sow (2TS) conferences.

The BPEX 2TS Focus on Health conferences will run on 17, 18 and 19 October 2011 in Cirencester, Stowmarket and Wetherby respectively.

Pig producers and technical experts from the UK, US and Denmark will share their experience of health management, including how to limit the impact of disease on pig growth and how industry collaboration can help to eradicate disease.

Conference organiser Miriam Drewett said: "The programme features a huge range of practical knowledge of pig disease challenges and how to control them. Plus, we’ve invited a panel of local producers, vets and allied companies to each event to add their own response to the key speakers.

"We will also be using a live audience voting system, so everyone will have chance to share their views.

"Improving herd health is a central part of our drive for more efficient English pig production and to reach our target of two tonnes of pig meat per sow per year."

Each half-day conference starts at 2.00pm and finishes at around 6.00pm with a buffet.

Attendance is free for producers and 320 plus VAT for non-producers. The deadline to reserve places is 30 September 2011.

For companies with products and services relating to pig health, there are small exhibition spaces available for 350 plus VAT per day.

For full details and how to register visit or contact Clancy Smith or 0247 647 8792.

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