Red Tractor Responds to CIWF Challenge

by 5m Editor
24 October 2011, at 10:13am

UK - Assured Food Standards (Red Tractor) has responded to the recent challenge by a welfare group to an advertisement for British pork.

The following statement from David Clarke is in response to the CIWF ASA challenge:

"Red Tractor is proud of its pork welfare standards and we stand by the statement in the BPEX advert. Red Tractor pork is high welfare pork.

"The Red Tractor mark is the most recognisable and widely available food assurance mark in use today. It allows shoppers to make an informed choice between pork that meets high standards of welfare and that which does not. By raising awareness of the Red Tractor Standard the campaign encourages more shoppers to choose high welfare pork, which over time will help improve welfare standards further.

"For the past 12 years, pig farmers in the UK have operated to welfare standards that the vast majority of other European countries have failed to match. According to BPEX data, even today, two-thirds of all pork and pig meat imports to the UK from the EU have been produced to standards that would be illegal in this country," concluded Mr Clarke.

About the Red Tractor Mark

The Red Tractor Pork logo indicates the quality and country of origin of the pork, that it has been produced to high animal welfare standards, is traceable back to Red Tractor farms and independently inspected at every stage of production.

In order to carry the Red Tractor Pork mark, farmers must observe over 130 standards relating to pig husbandry and welfare at all stages. These range from the design of pig accommodation to staff training, health monitoring, feed, pig transportation and overall pig management. All of these are independently assessed to ensure a healthy environment for pigs.

The Red Tractor Scheme standards apply to the whole supply chain, from farm to pack. The standards cover a range of issues including quality, food safety, animal welfare and environmental protection.

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