Third Swine Health Forum Set for Niagara Falls

by 5m Editor
18 October 2011, at 9:58am

CANADA - 150 participants are expected to attend the Canadian Swine Health Board's third Canadian Swine Health Forum next month in Niagara Falls, writes Bruce Cochrane.

The Canadian Swine Health Board was formed to provide leadership, coordination and support in the management of the Canadian swine heard focusing on research, biosecurity and long term disease risk management.

The organization will host its third Canadian Swine Health Forum, 3-4 November, in Niagara Falls.

CSHB associate executive director Morgan Radford says organizers are hoping to attract a wide cross section of industry.

Morgan Radford-Canadian Swine Health Board

Typically about a third of our participants are producers, a third are practitioners and researchers and then a third would be government and wider industry.

We will be discussing at great length the biosecurity standard, the actual implementation.

We're also going to be talking about the national PRRS control and elimination strategy.

That's an activity that's headed by the Canadian Association of Swine Veterinarians with a lot of involvement from the Swine Health Board.

We are going to be having the forum in the Niagara area where the first Canadian PRRS area of control and elimination project is taking place so we're hoping to get participants perspective as well and have an interactive panel discussion.

We've got some discussions as well around the Swine Health Board activities that are currently underway as well as things that are moving forward.

Follow-up from last year's forum, we're going to be talking about a commercially available mortality insurance product and the move towards looking at how to get a cost sharing system in place as well as some information on surveillance and where we hope to move forward on the results of the GAP analysis that we've discussed previously.

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