Training Can be Customised by Region

by 5m Editor
28 October 2011, at 9:27am

CANADA - The Canadian Swine Health Board says provincial delivery of its new National Biosecurity Training programme for swine producers is allowing the programme to be customised to suit individual regions, writes Bruce Cochrane for University News.

The National Biosecurity Training programme, based on the National Farm Level Biosecurity Standard developed by the Canadian Swine Health Board, was launched earlier this year in Quebec, Ontario and Manitoba and it is expected to available in Alberta and Saskatchewan by year's end.

Canadian Swine Health Board's Biosecurity Advisory Committee chair, Bill Ballantyne, says by delivering the training through the various provincial pork offices, the package can be customised by region.

Bill Ballantyne – Canadian Swine Health Board

They're all using the same basic training material that's based on the national standard but we also realise that the areas of emphasis may be different within different regions or within different provinces.

As an example, the issue of the density of sites in BC or Quebec is going to be far more important than it will be in Saskatchewan.

Multi-species issues show up. of course. more on the prairies and on small Ontario farms as an example. so each region or each area has to or is encouraged to adapt the program then to cover off these differences but still with an adherence to that national scope.

Mr Ballantyne observes that while a number of specialists in the industry were initially sceptical, both veterinarians and producers are pleased that an area that has such high costs associated with it and that has such great opportunity is being emphasised.