ASF in Sardinia Halts Pork Exports to Member States

21 December 2011, at 12:03pm

SARDINIA - During the past weeks Italy has informed the Commission of a significant increase in numbers and territorial extension of outbreaks of African swine fever in seven out of eight provinces of Sardinia, affecting also large commercial pig holdings.

The current disease evolution on Sardinia is liable to endanger the pig herds in other regions of Italy and in other Member States, in view of placing on the market of pig meat and pig meat products and any other products containing pig meat.

It is therefore necessary to extend the risk areas in Annex I to Decision 2005/363/EC to the whole of the region of Sardinia.

Consequently, since the conditions laid down in Article 5(2)(b) of Decision 2005/363/EC cannot be met anymore, the derogation granted to Italy to authorise the dispatch of pig meat from Sardinia to areas outside Sardinia, is suspended.

The same applies to the derogation granted under Article 6 of that Decision, to authorise the dispatch of pig meat products and other products containing pig meat from Sardinia to areas outside Sardinia.