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Consumers Confident in Swedish Pork

12 December 2011, at 2:26pm

SWEDEN - Confidence in the nation's pig producers is growing, according to the Federation of Swedish Farmers.

The group says that 85 per cent of Swedes prefer to buy Swedish pork, an increase of six per cent from this time last year. When it comes to welfare rules and regulations 88 per cent of the public are confident that Swedish producers are performing well.

"It is encouraging that consumers have so much confidence in Swedish pork. This is proof that our members work had to constantly improve animal welfare"," said LRF Chairman Helena Jonsson.

15 per cent of Swedish consumers say that origin of meat does not matter.

Two years ago, Swedish pig farmers received a lot of negative media attention. To paint a fair picture, the industry took media around Swedish pig units.

"Our members have always done a good job. That the industry has implemented additional measures will only further strengthen consumer confidence in Swedish pig production," says Helena Jonsson.

The survey also showed that consumers have relatively good knowledge of pig farming legislation. 54 per cent know that Sweden has a law prohibiting tail docking, and 70 per cent know that pigs should have access to litter.

However, only about one in three people knew that pigs should have a separate place to sleep and a separate manure place.

Two out of three Swedes, 67 per cent, believe that Swedish pigs have better conditions compared to other EU countrieswith regards to living space, but only every half knew that the Swedish situation is better in terms with regards to weaning (the piglet is weaned at an older age).

The present investigation was carried out by Sifo on behalf of the LRF.

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