Pig Licensing Goes Electronic

20 December 2011, at 11:10am

UK - More than 370,000 pigs were moved using electronic licensing in November and the count down is on to when eAML2 becomes compulsory on 1 April 2012 in England and Wales.

The eAML2 system is already being used for movements of pigs to farms, abattoirs, auction markets and movements via collection centre.

Plus, moves to vet practices, labs, artificial insemination (AI) centres and performance locations such as a village fete or photo shoot have just become available this month. Then, in January 2012, eAML2 will be rolled out for pig movements to livestock shows.

All pig keepers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the electronic system ready for April. Information they need to know:

  • To register details, eAML2 keepers will need their County Parish Holding (CPH) number and herd mark
  • Producers still using the four-page AML2 paper form need to send copies to the eAML2 bureau service at MLCSL, Stoneleigh Park, Kenilworth, Warwickshire CV8 2TL - NOT to their Local Authority anymore
  • For movements to collection centres, producers need to set up the move to the collection centre not the final destination abattoir. The collection centre will then set up the move from their site to the abattoir
  • Keepers will be able to set up movements to and from Scotland electronically early 2012 – work is underway to integrate eAML2 with the Scottish electronic movement system.

To register for eAML2 click here then click on ‘Producer registration’ or call the eAML2 bureau service on 0844 335 8400 or fax to 0247 669 2405

Posters advising on how to apply for a County Parish Holding number will be displayed in markets.