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Surveillance Works for Welfare, Says Evira

20 December 2011, at 9:33am

FINLAND - The country's food safety authority, Evira, has found some evidence of poor welfare after inspecting pig farms that were the subject of secret filming by camera-wielding animal rights activists, whilst confirming its confidence in the current surveillance system.

The activists' footage was publicised in November, prompting action from Evira, reports YLE.

The inspectors found evidence of problems with feeding and medicating the animals.

There has also has been a request to investigate one farm. The police have been asked to investigate if the farm is guilty of breaking the rules, according to Evira’s senior inspector Taina Mikkonen.

The farms were the subject of a welfare agreement, but signs of neglect were still found. Despite this, Evira believes the current surveillance system works.

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