Helping British Pig Exports Succeed

17 January 2012, at 11:22am

UK - A call has been put out to support the British pig industry and to back quality British pig meat after a UK pig meat processing company was blocked from exporting to China, writes Lucy Towers, ThePigSite Newsdesk Assistant.

Following the refusal of access for a UK pig processing company to the Chinese market, Graham Stuart, MP for Beverly and Holderness MP. Graham Stuart, is calling for the UK to step up its efforts in promoting British pork. Last week, on a BBC radio show, Mr Stuart said he is to meet with the British Pork Industry to discuss how best to promote British pork more efficiently.

Mr Stuart's concerns for the support of the industry arose after the Food Standards Agency (FSA) denied access for British pork to be exported to China.

A spokesperson for the FSA told ThePigSite that Cranswick did not meet the standards required by the Chinese Authorities.

Over the past few years, the company had invested 315 million, has worked to improve quality whilst protecting the environment and now employs 1,200 people. As one of only two companies in England meeting the US standard for pork exports, the company is at the top of its game.

Mr Stuart said he was shocked that Cranswick did not pass on FSA inspection to be able to export to China. Mr Stuart stressed how this restriction will have a huge impact on the growth of the company and also on the region as a whole.

Mr Stuart brought Cranswick's situation to Prime Minister David Cameron on 'Prime Ministers Questions'. Mr Cameron stated that he also wants to help resolve the issues and has promised a meeting to discuss the issues.

In line with job shortages and job insecurity, it is important that the government and regulatory bodies highlight the success of the industry to help promote growth not only in the sector but also for the region as a whole.

An FSA spokesperson told ThePigSite: "The FSA has been working with Cranswick Country Foods to ensure their plant meets the conditions for export to China laid down by the Chinese authorities. Our plant inspector has visited Cranswick on a number of occasions in the last few months and we expect to be able to approve the plant for export of pig meat to China once the standards set by the Chinese authorities have been met."

Mr Stuart hopes his work will help raise the profile of the pig industry; helping companies to grow, provide jobs and market British pork.

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