Shout Prices Slip Across the Board

by 5m Editor
23 January 2012, at 7:46am

UK - Although Friday proved to be another depressing day for sellers especially in the spot market, signs are starting to emerge that we may be at or close to the bottom of the January trough that we seem to fall into every year, writes Peter Crichton.

Although the DAPP only fell by a very modest 0.25p all the shout prices slipped by a universal 2p across the board, but still compare very favourably with spot bacon quotes which from one or two of the smaller outlets was still around the 134p–136p region, but sellers with larger numbers to move had to take 130p to clear the decks.

The league table now reads as follows:

  1. 140p Woodhead
  2. 139p Gill
  3. 138p Tulip
  4. 136p Vion
  5. 135p Cranswick

Reports of better European prices are starting to filter through and providing the euro does not go into another nose-dive we might be able to look at more of a stand-on next week with a pig price recovery forecast in February.

The euro traded on Friday afternoon worth 83.26p which is slightly ahead of its value a week ago, but despite this cull sow prices generally fell between 3p–5p/kg according to spec with a fairly wide range of quotes as low as 105p and up to 112p depending on load size.

Weaner prices have also steadied reflecting indifferent finished pig returns and a stealthy rise in the value of feed wheat.

The latest Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 30kg ex-farm weaner average now stands at 344.82/head, but with fewer available this might perhaps be pointing to a reduction in finished pig availability in three months' time helping to lift the market when spring has finally sprung.

In the grain markets prices continue to nudge ahead with the LIFFE January feed wheat quote at 3157.25/tonne and May–July prices hardening to between 3158.50/tonne up to 3158.95/tonne and ex-farm feed wheat quoted at 3150.00/tonne, so once again it might be worth producers seeking some additional feed cover in case this trend continues.