UUAA Reports Losses in Pig Farms in 2011

by 5m Editor
12 January 2012, at 8:50am

SPAIN - Spanish Agricultural Union (UUAA) yesterday announced a "constant" yield loss in Galicia's integrated pig farms. The loss exceeded an average of €8,750 in 2011.

In an issued statement, UUAA said that this drop in revenue has resulted companies' requirement to increase the weight of pigs from 90 to 105 kilos.

According to, the Union called for a contract similar to the poultry meat sector or nationally approved model contract for livestock integration in Catalonia, which specifies technical and economic conditions and responsibilities of each party.

The pork sector in Galicia has integrated a volume of 377,000 animals and 33 per cent of the Galician swine production.

Pontevedra peak production records, with nearly 39 per cent for Galicia, followed by Ourense with 25.95 per cent, A Coruñ with 20.08 per cent and Lugo with 15.69 per cent.