Where Does our Pork Come From?

11 January 2012, at 9:06am

UK - More and more people are thinking about where their pork comes from after they were challenged by the Pork Promise campaign run by BPEX.

The campaign, which was launched in autumn 2011, used outdoor poster, print and online advertisements, and engaging social media activity to reach consumers and highlight the reasons to choose quality assured pork.

Latest research has shown increased awareness of Red Tractor pork with consumers suggesting they are actively motivated to look for the logo when shopping, as well as putting Love Pork in the top ten Facebook pages with the highest consumer engagement rate.

BPEX Head of Marketing Chris Lamb, said: “Consumer response to the advertising message has been positive. There are high levels of awareness, understanding and likeability of the adverts, which included thought-provoking headlines such as ‘Pork not Porkies’ and ‘Grill it before you buy it’.

“Eight out of ten consumers said the advertising made them think where their pork comes from, 77 per cent think Red Tractor pork has higher standards than other pork and over half are more likely to look actively for the Red Tractor.

Chris said the social media element of the BPEX campaign had been a tremendous success.

He said: “Love Pork has grown its consumer base on Facebook to well over 70,000 ‘likes’ and has an engagement rate equalling those achieved by some of the UK’s biggest consumer brands active on Facebook, including Sony UK and Walkers.“

While the campaign will continue throughout 2012, with further advertising executions public affairs, consumer PR and online activity, BPEX is also calling on the supply chain to back the Pork Promise on the Love Pork website and Facebook page and raise awareness of the campaign amongst their customers.

Given the welfare legislation changes that will come into effect throughout the rest of the EU on 1 January 2013, with the introduction of the partial ban on sow stalls, BPEX is urging retailers to put in place as soon as possible the dedicated supply chain arrangements that will ensure the guaranteed supply of Red Tractor and/or EU-compliant pork and pork products.