Belize Under Classical Swine Fever Threat

1 February 2012, at 7:16am

BELIZE - Agriculture officials say they are implementing emergency measures aimed at preventing the introduction and spread of the deadly classical swine fever, following an outbreak of the virus in neighbouring Guatemala.

The Belize Agricultural Health Authority and the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries said classical swine fever affects pigs and “has affected almost the entire country of Guatemala, which has led to the disposal of over 7,000 pigs, reports TheBelizean

This disease however, only affects pigs and Belize is considered free of this disease. BAHA in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture is presently implementing emergency measures to prevent its introduction and spread.

The BAHA alert says that these measures include: public awareness, movement control, 24 hours inspection at the Western Border with Melchor De Mncos in Guatemala, active surveillance in high risk areas, improved bio-security at farms, prohibition of the importation of live pigs and pork products from Guatemala and the cleaning and disinfection of trucks used for transporting livestock to Guatemala.

The public has been advised not to feed table scraps containing meat to pigs. Pig farmers have been asked not to feed meat and other waste from slaughtering plants to their pigs and not to allow dirty trucks into their farms.

The authorities has asked the public to notify any BAHA or Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries office of any unusual health problems in pigs.

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