Farmer Responds to Welfare Abuse Allegations

14 February 2012, at 8:42am

UK - The pig farmer at the centre of the latest allegations of welfare abuses has admitted that the film footage looks bad and has stated that his animals were in the care of the animal rights organisation's film–maker at the time.

A farmer has spoken out against an undercover animal rights investigator who secretly filmed one of his pigs being beaten to death with an iron bar, reports the BBC.

The RSPCA said it had started an inquiry after seeing the “shocking” images of pigs being beaten at the farm in Norfolk.

The farmer, said that when the Animal Equality activist was filming, he was not looking after the pigs.

The farm has also been criticised by the Red Tractor food mark scheme, which promises the highest standards of animal welfare.

Following the film footage being released, Mr Brown told the BBC: “I was absolutely gutted and mortified. I had no idea anyone was filming anyone.

“It does look bad. I feel some of it has been a bit dramatised. The man concerned taking the film of the pigs he was supposed to be looking after.”

He said the pig which was beaten to death with a bar had a broken leg and would normally be shot but the workers did not have access to the shot gun.

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