Hague Supports British Pork Trade Mission

by 5m Editor
29 February 2012, at 7:21am

SOUTH AFRICA - South Africa is Africa's largest importer of pork and used to be a major client for British meat exporters.

And now the market has been revived following a BPEX four-day trade mission earlier this month, when Vion, Tulip, Cranswick, Woodhead and others were overwhelmed by the warm reception they were given by importers and retailers.

South Africa imports offal, ribs and bacon. The first orders of frozen pork have already been shipped from England.

"Although pork in South Africa is not as popular as chicken or beef, the country faces a growing deficit as income and population rise," reports BPEX's Jean Pierre Garnier.

"This successful trip confirms that South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa are priority markets for British pork exports, even if the opportunities are some way behind Far Eastern markets."

Foreign Secretary William Hague supported the mission. He spoke warmly in support of British meat exports in front of 70 people at a Cape Town reception and had good discussions with members of the trade mission.

The mission took in Cape Town and Johannesburg and included the three largest retailers in South Africa and Africa.

There were one-to-one meetings with 11 importers, also meetings with government organisations, including veterinary services, to discuss import issues. There were receptions for importers, journalists and food personalities.

The joint mission was arranged by BPEX, EBLEX and United Kingdom Trade and Investment. It took place on 13 to 16 February.