Italian Pork Prospects Poor; Irish Forecasts Positive

by 5m Editor
7 February 2012, at 10:37am

GLOBAL - About 10 per cent of Danish pig production is located outside Denmark. As a result, farmers and investors have managed to establish large production installations which annually deliver about 2.5 million pigs for slaughter.

According to BPEX's latest Export Bulletin, Danish Crown is considering the introduction of a new soybean policy. The soybean debate has resulted in discussions on how to ensure a sustainable soybean supply to Danish animals. According to Danish Crown, the discovery of a common solution to increase the market for certified sustainable soybeans is of utmost importance.

Meanwhile, in France, the objective in terms of pig prices for 2012 set up by the regional pig committee and recommended to the industry is at €14/kg. Due to the current situation in exports, fluidity of prices is still prevalent. However, the French market is very calm.

The German market for pig meat appears to be subdued. Trade for sow meat is also described to be sluggish. Tönnies intends to drive animal welfare despite estimated costs of €20 per pig. Also, in spite of not being able to purchase Tummel, Tönnies aims to remain acquisitive.

In Netherlands, co-operative Family Farmers owes huge sums of money to feed companies and producers. The companies debts have risen to as much as €4.5 million.

The Spanish company Carnicas Celra plans on increasing pork-cutting capacity from the current 50,000 tonnes to 120,000 tonnes in the hopes of creating about 200 new jobs.

Prospects in Italy appear poor. The economic crisis in the country has affected consumption to a large extent.

Ireland, on the other hand, seems optimistic. Low supplies and strong exports are expected to support pig meat prices.

Pork production in the Czech Republic is still falling. While in 2003 the country was producing 411,000 tonnes of pork annually, last year, this dropped by almost half. Along with pork production, beef and poultry production are falling as well.

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