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New Scheme to Boost Pig Farming in Kolar

by 5m Editor
13 February 2012, at 8:16am

KARNATAKA, INDIA - Pig farming will be a profitable venture soon as the department of Animal Husbandry will give subsidies to piggeries under the Krishi Vikas Yojana.

A co-operative society of the farmers who are into piggery has been set up for the purpose. Deccan Herald reports that members of the society, which functions under the department, will be benefited by the new scheme.

Farmers in the remaining four taluks of the district would get the benefit within the next three-four months. The farmers who are into the pig farming on a small scale would be benefited. Two female and a male piglets would be given under the pig breeding scheme; under the mixed breeding, a boar will be given free of cost for the farmers who have been rearing two sows.

Two porkers will be given under another scheme, said Dr K Kemparaju, the assistant project officer and ex-officio secretary of the society. The scheme, rolled out two years ago, would be implemented through the Society which has a revolving fund of Rs 1 lakh and share capital of Rs 10,000.

The Society, which had registered 304 farmers when it was set up, now, the number has gone up to 24. The facilities would be distributed from January, said K Kemparaju. The society has 16 members including a deputy director and an assistant project officer on the administrative board.

As many as 123 membes will be given a total of Rs 7.75 million during the year 2011-12. Besides, a subsidy of Rs 2.05 million will be given for setting up stalls. Soon a complex will be built for the sale of pigs on the premises of the office of the department till the society has its own building. A piggery unit and slaughterhouse will be set up under the scheme and a proposal has been submitted seeking two acres of land for the purpose.

Once the land has been acquired, a sophisticated complex, modelled on malls, will be built, said Mr Kemparaju.

The scheme will also extend loan facilities for 125-150 members every year and the pigs will be purchased by the society. The government is likely to extend the facility for the first four to five years of setting up the unit.

The farmers who are already into pig farming, sale and fodder supply are eligible to be members, he added.

So far, 15 members in Srinivaspur taluk have availed of the benefits and the remaining members would get the facility soon, Mr Kemparaju said. Piglets can be purchased from the units in Bangarpet and Hesaraghatta in Bangalore.

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