Pig Company Violates Disease Prevention Law

28 February 2012, at 7:18am

RUSSIA - When inspecting pig farms in the Voronezh and Volgograd regions, the Rosselkhoznadzor and the environmental inter-district prosecutor's office revealed violations of the law on disease prevention.

The audit found that a pig enterprise company was not dividing or isolating pigs/products from each other into different purpose zones. This has therefore allowed for the uncontrolled movement between humans and animals.

Thus, "Commonwealth" Ltd was found to not carry out economic and veterinary measures to ensure the prevention of animal diseases and security, or the proper storage of feed and processing of livestock products.

A presentation was made to eliminate the violations, but the company has failed to take appropriate action.

As a result of inactivity the company is threatening the environment through pollution with animal waste, harm to the sanitary-epidemiological well-being of the population, and the possible emergence and spread of infectious diseases.

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