Pig Meat Imports Expected to Remain Tight

by 5m Editor
15 February 2012, at 8:40am

UK - Red meat imports are expected to remain tight, and 2012 is also forecast to witness another year of strong exports.

Increased sow productivity is likely to be the main driver behind an increase in the number of clean pig slaughterings this year. However, the younger age profile of the breeding herd may result in fewer adult pig being slaughtered.

According to AHDB's latest UK Market Survey, tight pig meat supplies on the continent could result in a fall in import volumes. This could be factored by economic uncertainty to some degree.

In recent weeks, pig meat prices have come under pressure. In spite of promotional activity, demand was subdued. Also, since Christmas, there has been a sharp drop in prices across the continent.

Reportedly, this fall was a result of reduced consumer demand after the holiday period, along with a slowdown in export demand once supplies for the Chinese Spring Festival had been shipped. However, export demand is beginning to pick up again.

Further Reading

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