Slight Rise in Beef and Pork Production in January

by 5m Editor
24 February 2012, at 7:59am

UK - During January, the UK produced 78,000 tonnes of pork, 84,000 tonnes of beef and 23,000 tonnes of mutton and lamb. While the figures rose slightly for pork and beef compared to December 2011, mutton and lamb production remained constant. However, it should be noted that January contained 5 weeks.

According to Defra's UK Slaughter Statistics, in January, the UK slaughtered 943,000 clean pigs compared to 743,000 the previous month. 59,000 cows and adult bulls were slaughtered, compared to 46,000 in December 2011. However, the number of sheep and lambs slaughtered dropped at 978,000 head compared to 1007,000 in December.

The average slaughter weight for clean pigs rose only very slightly at 79.1kg compared to 78kg in December. The same goes for cows and adult bulls and sheep and lambs at 318.7kg compared to 311.6kg, and 19.6 compared 18.7, respectively in December.

On a weekly basis, the UK slaughtered 189,000 clean pigs in January, compared to 186,000 in December. The number of cows and adult bulls slaughtered also dropped at 12,000 compared to 11,000 in the previous month. The number of weekly slaugherings of sheep and lambs in January dropped dramatically at 196,000 compared to 252,000 in December.

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