Big Players Hold Prices at Similar Levels

by 5m Editor
26 March 2012, at 5:41am

UK - Much to the dismay of pig sellers, Tulip's decision to stand-on despite a rise of 0.99p in the DAPP and evidence of much stronger spot prices the previous week also resulted in the other big four players holding their prices at similar levels.

The league table remains as below:

1 143p Woodhead
2 142p Gill
3 140p Tulip
4 139p Cranswick and Vion

With spot pigs traded in a fairly wide 143p–147p range this makes something of a mockery of the shout prices being paid to loyal contract suppliers and it is very rare that spot quotes are as much as 7p behind their equivalent contract rates when the boot is on the other foot, so it was no surprise to see some former contract sellers trying the spot market for a change.

However much of the blame can be attached to the retail sector as they continue to promote pork at discount prices at the producers' expense, but providing the current spell of balmy weather continues we should see better demand from the patio set soon.

The euro has had another underwhelming week closing on Friday worth 83.64p which is almost exactly identical to its value a week ago, but despite this more money was being offered in some regions by cull sow buyers.

Quotes in excess of 130p/kg were heard in one or two instances and prices were generally around 126p–129p on a delivered basis or 126p if collected.

The weaner market is showing some signs of life with the latest Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 30kg ex-farm weaner average quote at 345.92/head and useful premiums still available for Freedom Food types, although signs of further increases in feed costs in the weeks ahead are putting something of a lid on weaner values for the time being.

Ex-farm feed wheat prices have hardened a touch to 3163.00/tonne with LIFFE futures quotes for March at 3175.00/tonne and July at 3171.65/tonne. Towards the tail end of the year November quotes are looking a little less painful at 3157.50/tonne.