Brazil's 2012 Pork Production Forecast to Rise

by 5m Editor
13 March 2012, at 9:22am

BRAZIL - Pork production in 2012 is forecast to increase by 3 per cent. Projections reflect the current optimism of the pork industry for a sustained, strong domestic consumption combined with a recovery in the export market.

According to the USDA's Brazil Livestock and Products Semi-annual 2012, a major factor concerning Brazilian hog producers is the recent increase in feed prices, especially that of corn.

The increase in corn prices is likely to squeeze producers' margins, but it is hoped that the federal government will interfere in the market with subsidized corn auctions to protect the industry.

Pork exports are expected to rebound in 2012 due to high demand from major importers such as Hong Kong, Ukraine, Angola and Singapore. Exporters also have their sights set on China and the US. Trade sources believe that exports to China will only be significant in 2013.

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