Call for Gov't to Create Support for Sector in New CAP

9 March 2012, at 10:49am

SPAIN - The National Association of Hog Producers (Anprogapor) has asked Secretary-General for Agriculture and Food, Isabel Garcia Tejerina, that the new Common Agricultural Policy includes support systems for the pig sector, similar to those given to poultry.

As he explained to the Anprogapor director, Antonio del Barrio, poultry producers have support mechanisms designed to treat consumer problems arising from situations outside the sector, as was the case of bird flu, a model that the entity also calls for pigs.

In the meeting with Garcia Tejerina, Anprogapor has also asked that the system of private storage and export refunds remain in the reformed CAP, in order to take account production costs and selling prices in other countries.

Other issues that the policy addressed were the progress made in animal welfare in 2013 to comply with the EU directive, and the adaptations of the sector rules of integrated prevention and control (IPPC).

The association also said it is concerned with forecasts of the European approval of new genetically modified organisms for use in animal feed.