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Hong Kong Agriculture & Fisheries Visits Guangdong

26 March 2012, at 5:04am

HONG KONG and CHINA - Led by the Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation, Mr Alan Wong, a delegation representing the agriculture and fisheries sector visited Guangdong from 19 to 23 March, where they met with their Mainland counterparts and visited scientific research institutes for agriculture as well as agricultural and fisheries enterprises.

"Hong Kong and the Mainland, especially Guangdong, are closely connected. Under the Co-operation Agreement on Quality Agricultural Products, both sides agreed to set up a platform for fostering exchanges on the production and marketing of agricultural products and share relevant information. In addition, Guangdong and Hong Kong will strengthen exchange and training for farming practitioners, researchers and management professionals in quality agricultural production. Both places will establish a co-operation mechanism and organise technical exchange activities," Mr Wong said.

The delegation met officials from the Department of Agriculture of Guangdong Province and exchanged views on how co-operation between the two places can be further strengthened. They also visited the Guangdong Animal Disease Prevention and Control Centre and Supervision and Inspection Centre for Pesticide Quality and Residue Control under the Ministry of Agriculture.

The delegation visited the South China Agricultural University and Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences to learn more about research studies on pests and disease control in crops and organic farming. To keep abreast of the latest agricultural developments, the delegation visited a vegetable farm and flower market.

On fisheries, the delegation visited an enterprise engaged in the import and export of aquatic products. They shared their experiences in aquaculture techniques.

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