Major Losses for Poultry and Hog Sectors

by 5m Editor
2 March 2012, at 6:32am

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - Farmers lost at least 4,000 million pesos in 2011, which caused the collapse and disappearance of poultry and hog industries.

Agricultural businessman Victor Caceres Abreu attributed the fact to the lack of planning and sponsoring by import officials, reports Diario Panorama.

However, he said that fortunately, from this year, the prices of chickens, eggs and pigs have shown improvement.

"Fortunately, the national agricultural production, especially the poultry and swine sub-sectors have entered a process of recovery and improvement from this year," he said.

He said producers are selling these products at very attractive prices, "We leave some profit margin, contrary to what happened last year, prompting the massive bankruptcy of traditional producers."