Nominal Increase Forecast for Pork Production

6 March 2012, at 6:32am

CHINA - The revised forecast for pork production is 51.6 MMT, a nominal increase from the initial 2012 estimate of 51.2 MMT.

The pork import estimate remains unchanged and imports are still expected to fall 26 per cent to 560,000 MT. China’s rising pork production and lower domestic prices in 2012 are expected to limit imports. The swine import estimate remains unchanged because China’s new import policy could hinder trade.

The revised 2012 pork production figure is 51.6 MMT, a nominal increase from the initial estimate and four per cent higher than the revised 2011 estimate, according to USDA GAIN: China Livestock and Products Semi-annual report.

The new forecast for pork consumption is 51.8 MMT, which is 335,000 MT higher than the previous estimate, mainly due to larger domestic supplies and lower prices.

Addressing swine diseases is also on the agenda as 60 per cent of China’s meat protein comes from pork consumption.

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